How do Standard Self-Extractors and Self-Extractors for Software Installation differ?

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WinZip Self-Extractor can create two kinds of self-extracting Zip files:

Standard Self-Extracting Zip Files

Standard self-extracting Zip files are easy to build and are ideal for sharing documents, graphics, and other files with co-workers, family members, and/or associates. They can be used for software installation, but the files in the "unzip to" folder will not be removed when the installation completes. These self-extractors can display a greeting message or an informational message when they are run. When creating a standard self-extractor, you can specify the default Unzip To folder, choose to have the Overwrite files without prompting box checked by default, and/or specify a command to run after files have been unzipped.

Self-Extracting Zip Files for Software Installation

Self-extracting Zip files for Software Installation take some more preparation, but they afterward will provide a more professional-looking installation. You can customize what text and title will display in the self-extracting Zip file's dialog box, include an additional message, and/or add your own information to display if the receiver clicks the About button. When someone runs it, the self-extracting Zip file will use the TEMP or TMP environment variable to create a temporary folder, unzip the files into the folder, run the setup program, wait for it to complete, then delete the temporary folder created in the first step.

Standard vs. Software Installation Self-Extractors

To create a Standard self-extractor, select the Standard self-extracting Zip file radio button in the second Wizard panel. When creating a self-extractor using a command line, a Standard self-extractor will be created unless you include the -setup switch.

To create a software installation self-extractor, select the Self-extracting Zip file for Software Installation radio button in the second Wizard panel. If you are creating your self-extractor from a command line you must include the -setup switch.

Note: WinZip Self-Extractor installs a help file named Online Manual into the WinZip Self-Extractor program group, which is reached from the Start menu. Command line information can be found in the Operation topic of this help file.

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