Internal error processing ISO image

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WinZip includes support to read and extract from ISO files and similar, disc image IMG files. Please note that many programs use the IMG file extension for what they would term "image data". The "image" may be a graphic or it may be an image of a disc (or diskette). You will find additional information about various IMG formats in Wikipedia or in FILExt's File Extension IMG page.

If you attempt to open an IMG file with WinZip, and it is not in the expected format, WinZip will display an error. In such a case, you should consult the person or company from whom you obtained the file in order to determine the correct application that should be used.

The supported ISO file systems in WinZip include ISO 9660 and UDF from 1.02 to 2.6 (subset of ISO 13346). Usually, CD images use ISO 9660, DVD images use UDF1.02/ISO9660 bridge, and Blu-ray Disc images use UDF 2.5.

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