What is meant by "Version needed to extract 63 (compression method 14)"?

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What is LZMA compression?

This is a compression method (compression method 14) first made available in WinZip 12. Earlier versions of WinZip will not be able to extract files compressed with this method.

If you did the following:

  1. Began unzipping a Zip file
  2. A WinZip dialog displayed stating that problems were encountered
  3. You clicked Yes to see details
  4. The View Last Output dialog showed the version needed is 63

This would indicate that LZMA compression was used on one or more files in the Zip file. 

Fix the issue

You are welcome to download, install, and evaluate the current version of WinZip. You can then use this evaluation version to extract the contents of your Zip file. An alternative would be to contact the person who sent the Zip file to you and ask him or her to recreate the Zip file using a compression method that is compatible with your version of WinZip.


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