Password Policy for Encryption

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Customizable password policies make it possible for you to configure the complexity requirements for passwords when encryption is used with WinZip. Parameters for minimum password length and a required mixture of characters are user definable. The types of characters that can be specified are upper and lower case, numerals, and symbols.

The security of your data depends not only on the strength of the encryption method but also on the strength of your password, including factors such as length and composition of the password. By setting a password policy, you can configure WinZip to disallow encrypting files with a password that does not meet the strength requirements you have defined.

To open the WinZip Options dialog, click the Settings tab and then click the WinZip Options button.

With a WinZip Enterprise license, System Administrators can customize and lock down the MSI installation of WinZip to install password policy requirements that meet their organization's needs for password complexity.

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