What is the password for the Zip file I just downloaded?

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In some cases, when you attempt to unzip files from (extract) or view files in a Zip file (.zip or .zipx) a Decrypt dialog will display requesting a password. This indicates that the files in your Zip file have been encrypted.

The Decrypt dialog requesting a password

The password for an encrypted Zip file is set by the person who creates the Zip file at the time it is created. It is also possible to encrypt files in a Zip file after the Zip file is created, but again the person choosing to encrypt is the one who sets the password.

If you created the Zip file and are certain that you did not encrypt the files, it is likely that this Zip file has become corrupted in some way. One unusual possibility would be that your computer has been infected by a variety of the Cryzip virus. For information regarding this virus, please refer to an antivirus company webpage such as the one from Symantec.

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