How WinZip is superior to Compressed Folders

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WinZip is a full-featured compression utility offering a powerful and intuitive interface, fully integrated local and cloud file management, better compression ratios, strong encryption and much more functionality than Compressed Folders in Windows operating systems. Compressed folders only provides basic zipping and unzipping features.

You can compare the difference between WinZip and Compressed Folders as you would the difference between WordPad and Word or WordPerfect. Windows operating systems have traditionally shipped with WordPad, a program that can handle basic word processing tasks. However, almost everyone uses a more full-featured word processing application.

Here is list of features in WinZip that have no equivalents in Windows Compressed Folders (this is not a complete list).

Windows Compressed Folders was introduced with Windows XP in October 2001. The fact that millions of users continue to download WinZip each month is probably the best evidence that the power and usability of WinZip makes it a very practical and attractive tool. We feel confident that most WinZip users, after comparing the features of WinZip with those of Windows Compressed Folders, will continue to make WinZip their compression utility of choice.

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