Explanation of file associations and their usage in WinZip

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A file association is a link between files of a specific type and a program. If you are looking at a folder in File Explorer set to the Details view, the file Type is based on the file's extension. For example, .txt files show in the Type column as a Text Document and are usually associated with Notepad; .doc files show as a Microsoft Word Document and would be associated with Microsoft Office Word; and .htm files show as an HTML Document and are associated with your web browser. Double-clicking a file which has an associated program normally causes that associated program to start and then automatically open the file.

WinZip obeys the same rules governing associations used by Windows. If you open a Zip file with WinZip and double-click a file in the WinZip window, WinZip will launch the program associated with the file (assuming there is one), and then that associated program will open the file.

To change a file extension's associated program:

Windows 10

  1. Click Start, click the Settings charm, and then click Apps
  2. Click Default apps in the left column, scroll down, and click the Choose default apps by file type link
  3. Scroll to the file extension in the list and click the program listed next to it (or Choose a default)
  4. Find and click the program you want to use
  5. Close Settings

Windows 8

  1. Open to or change to the Start menu screen
  2. Begin typing Default Programs (this will appear in Search)
  3. Click Default Programs when it displays below Apps
  4. Click the Associate a file type or protocol with a program link
  5. Scroll to and click the file extension in the list
  6. Click Change program and click More options in the window that opens
  7. Find and click the program you want to use

Windows 7

  1. Click Start and then click Default Programs
  2. Click the Associate a file type or protocol with a program link
  3. Scroll to and click the file extension in the list
  4. Click Change program and select the correct program in the Open with dialog
  5. Check the Always use the selected program to open this type of file box
  6. Click OK

An alternate method would be to find a file with the extension in a folder window and right click on the file. If the resulting context menu contains an Open With item click that (you may need to move the cursor over Open With and click Choose Program at the bottom of the drop down menu). The Open With dialog will open and you can then follow the directions above.

If there is no Open With item when you right click the file, click Open. A Windows dialog will open asking What do you want me to do?. Choose Select the program from a list and click OK. This will display the Open With dialog and you can then follow the directions above.

For more information about the general topics of file types and associations, please use Cortana to search for help (with earlier Windows version, consult Help and Support which you can open from the Start button).

For help in determining what an unknown file type actually is, you can consult the web site http://filext.com. If a file type is listed and explained here, there is often also a link to an appropriate program to process files of that type.

If you have questions about this information or if you are having difficulty with file associations in WinZip, please submit a Technical Support ticket.

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