How to print the list of files in a Zip file to a text file

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You can print the list of files in a Zip file to a text file if you have a printer port set up to go to a file. If you do not, you can set up such a printer port by following the instructions in the Windows help file section entitled To change the port a printer is connected to.

Briefly, you would need to open the Control Panel's Printer applet (Printers and Faxes), use it to set up a Generic/text printer, and define it to print to a file. You may also want to rename the printer, to something such as Print to File. Then, when you use WinZip's Print menu item on the File menu, you would select this printer as the one to produce the print output (in WinZip's Print dialog). You will then be asked to provide a name for your file which should be in the format filename.txt.

If you are comfortable with using a commandline interface, you can:

  1. Install the WinZip Command Line Support Add-On
  2. Enter a WZZIP command to your Zip file using the -vb switch (view, brief)
  3. Create a log file of the results

A sample of this commandline would look something like this:

wzzip -vb >logfile.txt

If you have any questions about this information, please submit a Technical Support ticket.

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