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The WinZip context menu, used for zipping files or folders, has been and still is very useful. Zip and Share, the WinZip Express feature for Explorer, extends and improves this context menu usage, providing many new and useful features.

Here is the Zip and Share (WinZip Express) dialog along with descriptions of each element:

Zip and Share (WinZip Express) dialog

File Name: A default name will be present when WinZip Express opens. Click in this box to type a different Zip file name as desired.

Compression type: WinZip Express preselects your default compression, but, unlike the legacy WinZip context menu, WinZip Express allows you to change the compression type from .Zip to .Zipx or vice versa.

Encryption: When this is checked, files that are being zipped will be encrypted. The Encryption strength set in the WinZip Settings tab will be the default. Unless restricted by the password policy, users can change the encryption strength after clicking the configuration arrow to the right of the description.

Conversions: Any or all conversion options can be selected. These will be applied only to the appropriate file types. Configuration arrows are provided for each conversion to the right of the descriptions. The conversions available are:

Share/Save Options: WinZip Express gives three options for the Zip file being created. Those options are:

  1. Email: Upload the Zip file to a cloud service and email a link to the receiver, who can then download the Zip file
  2. Instant Messaging: Upload the Zip file to a cloud service and send a link to one of your instant message contacts, who can then download the Zip file
  3. Social media: Upload the Zip file to a cloud service and place a link to download the Zip file on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  4. Windows Charms: Click this option to choose a Windows Charm (app) to use for sharing your file, after it has been uploaded to a cloud service. These include the built-in Mail app, copying the link, Microsoft OneNote, and more.
  5. Clipboard: Upload the Zip file to a cloud service and copy the link to the clipboard. You can then paste the link into a document or message type of your choosing.

Schedule for Deletion: If you have selected an appropriate Share/Save option (not simply to email the file), the option to schedule the file for deletion will be active. If you have Expire Files toggled on (available on the Create/Share tab and the Unzip/Share tab), this option will be turned on by default. You can turn it on or off in WinZip Express as well as configure the number of days before the file will be deleted (expire). This feature lets you set an expiration date for the Zip file, at which time the file will be deleted. This is particularly valuable with shared files that only need to be available for a given period of time so they don't accumulate.

Automation Option buttons: WinZip Express provides 3 buttons to let you save and reapply your WinZip Express settings, as well as to schedule WinZip Express to perform the set operations automatically. These buttons are:

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