WinZip Express for Outlook

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WinZip Express for Outlook will enable you to successfully send files that are too large for Outlook. In WinZip and other of the WinZip Express add-ons, this type of sending is referred to as sharing.

When installed with Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, or 2010; WinZip Express for Outlook will examine the size of your attached files. When that size is over the configured threshold (the default is 5 MB), your attachments will be zipped, uploaded to your selected cloud service, and a link to the Zip file will be placed in your email message. The recipient of your email will be able to click the link and download the file you sent (shared).

WinZip Express for Outlook drop down menu

To begin to configure the add-on's default actions, click Options on the Express drop down menu. In the WinZip Express Options dialog that opens, you can then choose the features you will most often want to use. In most cases, such as with conversions, you will be able to configure settings for the feature and how the feature will be used. Please see the picture and descriptions below. Details about Cloud options will be at the end of the section.


Express for Outlook Options

Configure Cloud Options

In the Configure Cloud Options dialog you can:

Configure a single message

WinZip Express for Outlook message options

WinZip Express for Outlook gives you the ability to configure options in each message you are sending. In the Message tab of new messages, replies, or forwards; you will find the WinZip Express section displayed in the picture at the right. In this section you can choose to use the Attach Large Files feature (this is useful when an Exchange server is involved that enforces size limits), change your cloud services settings, choose to encrypt your files before uploading, and/or turn any of the conversions on or off. If you would like to change the compression setting or if you would like to configure any of the conversion settings for your message, you can do so in the Express tab.

If you have any questions about this information, please submit a Technical Support ticket.

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