Can any email service be used with WinZip's built-in email program?

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All users of WinZip 15 and later can make use of WinZip's built-in email program. In WinZip versions earlier than WinZip 15, there was an email feature, but it was only available as part of WinZip Jobs, which required a Pro registration.

WinZip's built-in email program, by default, includes support for three webmail services; Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail. Other email services can be configured by you as well. To do this, you would need to enter the:

  1. SMTP server
  2. SMTP port
  3. The type of connection encryption (if applicable)
  4. Whether a username and password is necessary to send from this account

Entering the specific information for your email service should allow you to use most types of email services.

The E-mail feature for the WinZip Job Wizard found in earlier WinZip versions does not support the use of an email account that requires an SSL connection. In order to use this older email feature with accounts requiring this (which would be most webmail accounts) you would need an alternate account that does not require an SSL connection.

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