What are the Return Codes for WinZip Command Line Support Add-on?

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WinZip Command Line Support Add-on return codes have not been developed to provide specific information. It is often the case that one return code can indicate more than one possible issue. For this reason, return codes are not documented and will not be distributed. Unless or until specific information is available, this policy will remain in effect.

WZZIP and WZUNZIP will usually return a nonzero errorlevel in the event of a serious error; otherwise, an errorlevel of 0 is returned. You can, then, use an IF or an IF NOT statement with a 1 return code in batch files and other automated processing, as that is essentially equal to or more than 1. The example below uses IF NOT.

In the example above, if no error occurs, ERRORLEVEL will be "0" (that is, NOT 1 or more), and the batch file will continue to whatever commands follow :NEXT or it will end if no commands exist. However, if an error occurs an error.txt file will be created and the process will wait for a key prompt (pause) before the command continues.

For troubleshooting, piping the display output of your command to a log file is often the best method to determine the point at which an error occurs and will often capture an error message. For additional details, please see KB 125983.

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