What does WinZip Courier do?

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WinZip Courier helps keep the size of Outlook data files to a minimum, by zipping email attachments and/or by uploading them to a cloud service and sending a download link. WinZip Courier provides the same Cloud Services you will find in WinZip. Also, with WinZip Courier conversion features, you can convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF files and further protect appropriate image attachments by adding a watermark to them.

WinZip Suite License

If you are using WinZip Courier as part of any WinZip Suite license, the services available to users are integration with Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook). From your Microsoft Outlook client, you can zip any attachments in a variety of different ways; from your Office products, you can instantly zip and email any file on which you are working or save the file as a Zip file.

WinZip Enterprise License

If you are using WinZip Courier as part of a WinZip Enterprise license, the services available to users can be controlled by the system administrator. Enterprise users can also lock down password policies in order that email attachment security can be maintained. Additionally, Courier Enterprise includes both the SharePoint cloud service and the Amazon S3 cloud service.

Starting with Courier 7.0 the Office 365 cloud service, also known as OneDrive for Business, has been added and when configured appropriately, Courier's use of encryption will be FIPS 140-2 compliant.

For more information regarding WinZip Courier, please visit the product page.

To purchase a fully licensed copy of WinZip Courier, please visit this WinZip order page.

Please visit the website for more information and purchasing details for a WinZip Enterprise license.

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