Adorage Error: The entered code is erroneous and can't being used for this product

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In some cases when installing proDAD Adorage Effect Package 10 "HD Video Effects” the error message “The entered code is erroneous and can’t being used for this product” will appear. This message is basically saying that the serial number is incorrect. The error message looks like this:

We have identified two possible reasons for this error:

  1. The letter O was entered instead of the number 0. We have seen this in the last character of the serial number, but it is possible that the letter O or number 0 may be used at other places in the serial number as well. Make sure you are using the correct character.
  2. The serial number is case sensitive. All letters must be in capitalized for the serial number to work properly.

Note: Although this error has been identified in proDAD Adorage Effect Package 10 "HD Video Effects”, it is possible that it may occur with other proDAD products as well.


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