Bonus DVD questions for Studio

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What's on the Bonus DVD?

With Studio 10 and 11 there is a DVD disc labeled "Bonus DVD" that contains Premium Content that can be previewed and purchased. The features and functions that are part of the Studio specification are not part of the Bonus Content.


Will Studio work without installing the Bonus Content DVD?

Yes, Studio will still install and function if the Bonus Content DVD is not installed.


Is a CD version of the Bonus DVD available?

No. One of the requirements of Studio is having a DVD drive in the computer.


The Bonus DVD seems to be blank and not read by my drive.

Make sure that the disc is inserted into a DVD drive and not a CD drive.

The Bonus DVD fails with: Error code 6001

Click here to view the FAQ titled: "Any Studio disc fails on install with "Error code 6001" to see how to fix this issue.


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