Unable to add Corrections to individual scenes

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If you Show Scenes for a video clip in the Library you may notice that you cannot go to the Media Editor for that scene by double-clicking on it or my right-clicking and selecting Open in Corrections. There are two ways to get around this and add Corrections to specific scenes.

Method #1 - Add the scene to a Collection

This method works best if you plan on using the scene with the same correction multiple times or in different projects. First, add the scene to a Collection. Once the scene has been added to a Collection, the scene will be displayed in the Library in the same folder as the original video; you can then add a Correction to the scene. You can also go that Collection where the scene was added and add a Correction.

Method #2 - Add the scene to a project

You can use this method if you know you are only going to use the scene once in a single project. If you plan on using this video clip again and want to keep the same correction, use Method 1. To use this method, add the scene to your project. Next, double-click on the clip or right-click on it and select Open Effects Editor. Lastly, select the Corrections tab in the Effects Editor and add the desired Corrections.

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