Capture problems with Studio 14 and 3rd Party Hardware

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Pinnacle Studio software works with most Pinnacle capture devices and some 3rd party capture devices. It does not work with 3rd party MPEG capture devices.

To troubleshoot a capture problem, the main goal should be to get video in the preview window before starting a capture. Once video is in the preview window, then capture typically works.

If you have problems with your 3rd Party capture device in Studio, we recommend 2 possible solutions
Solution 1: Use the software that came with your 3rd Party capture hardware. Once your video is captured, then open it into Studio.
Solution 2: Try capturing using AM Capture. AM Capture is a simple capture utility from Microsoft that is installed with Studio. AmCap may not support all capture hardware. If Amcap cannot capture using your hardware, then most likely Studio will not either. To use AmCap do the following

  1. Click on Start -> Programs -> Studio -> Tools and select AM Capture
  2. In the AM Capture window, click on the Device pull-down menu. Select both the video and audio capture device that you will use.
  3. If your device is not listed under devices, please contact your 3rd party capture hardware's support department. Either is it is not loaded in Device Manager properly or is not a device AM Capture or Studio supports.
  4. Then click on the Options pull-down menu. Make sure there is a check mark in front of Preview. If there isn't, then click on it to check it.
  5. Make sure that the video source (camcorder, VCR, etc.) is plugged into the capture device.
  6. Turn on the video source on and press play.
    • Example (Note: some capture devices don't have audio inputs, then use the line in on the sound card)
      • Camcorder (video out) >----------------> capture device (video)
      • (audio out) >----------------> capture device (audio in)
  7. Video should now be displayed in the AM Capture window and you can then click on the Capture pull-down and select Start Capture.
  8. If you don't see video in the preview windows the options are
  9. double-check your video cable coming from the capture source to the capture device
  10. double-check that both the video and audio capture devices are correctly selected in AM Capture
  11. double-check that the video source is playing video and not at the end of the tape
  12. If video won't display in the preview window, then please contact your 3rd party capture hardware's support department.


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