How to import a DVD or AVCHD or BD with Studio

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DVD Import includes capture from any non copy protected DVD. This can include DVDs created by camcorders that record onto a DVD.

In this example, we will use a DVD created with Studio. To begin, select the DVD / Blu-ray option in the Import From section. Once that is done, the titles will be displayed as thumbnail images as is shown below.


You can select which Title to import by checking the check-box in the upper-right corner of the Title Thumbnail. You can also preview the Title to make sure it is one that you want to import. You can start the preview by clicking on the right arrow icon in the middle of the thumbnail.


At the bottom of the Importer is a toolbar with a few additional options. These options are all shown in the image below.


Once everything is selected properly, click the Start Import button to import the video from the disc.


There are not many additional settings available for DVD / Blu-ray disc import. The only additional settings are from the Import To section where you can change the desired location where the imported file is to be saved.


All images are selected for Import. If it is desired to only import certain files, you can check or uncheck the checkbox in the upper-right of each image. There is also an option to "Check all" or "Uncheck all" in the toolbar below the images.


Once all of the desired files are selected, click the "Start Import" button to bring the files to the local hard drive. The importer will close and the files will be displayed in the Edit mode.

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