Can I use my PowerPoint Presentation in Studio?

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Here are the steps needed to edit your PowerPoint presentation in Studio.

1. Create slideshow normally in PowerPoint 2000/2002
2. When the slideshow is complete, go to File > Save As
3. Select an appropriate name and location to save to. We recommend making a new folder on the “C” drive called “Slideshows.”
4. In the drop down menu below the name box, select “JPG”
5. Click Save
6. In the dialog box, you have the option of exporting only one slide, or the entire show. Make an appropriate selection.

7. In Studio, click on Show Photos and Frame Grabs.
8. In the Album click on the small file folder icon, then navigate to the directory you created called Slideshows. This will contain the exported JPG’s from PowerPoint. You can then drag and drop these JPG files onto the timeline to incorporate into your project.


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