SmartMovie issues with Pinnacle Studio

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This article applies to Studio versions 15 and older.

There are a couple of known issues when using SmartMovie in Pinnacle Studio.

Issue #1: The "Create SmartMovie" button is grayed out.

This may occur for a couple of reasons.

  1. You may not have added any music the timeline yet. If you have not done so, add some music and the Create SmartMovie button should be selectable.
  2. If music has already been added to the timeline and the Create SmartMovie button is still grayed out, just click somewhere on the timeline or click the play button in the preview windows. The button should now be active.

Issue #2: Scorefitter audio fades out and starts again rather than one continuous audio segment.

If this occurs, you will notice that you will see several copies of the Scorefitter audio track on the timeline. When previewing the audio you may notice the audio fading out and then starting back up again. To resolve this issue you can delete all but the first copy of the Scorefitter track. Next, select the track and place your mouse cursor over the right edge of the clip. Finally left click and extend the audio to the desired length. The audio will not be one continuous clip.


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