Magic Bullet - Looks Plug in Questions

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This FAQ lists questions regarding the Magic Bullet: Looks plugin. Click the title to go to the specific FAQ.

  1. Magic Bullet: Looks is missing from the plug-in list or was not installed
  2. Magic Bullet Looks: How do I find out if I have the right Graphic Card?
  3. Magic Bullet Looks: Where is the help located?
  4. Is there a manual for Magic Bullet Looks?
  5. Magic Bullet Looks seems to be running slowly. How can I speed things up to get real-time performance?
  6. Magic Bullet Looks: How do I stop the theater view?
  7. Magic Bullet Looks: I accidentally deleted a tool in the tool chain, how do I get it back?
  8. Magic Bullet Looks: How do I return to Studio once I am in the LooksBuilder?
  9. Magic Bullet Looks: Why does the Preset menu close when I try to use the scroll bar?

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