I am getting a Capture Error with Studio

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Troubleshooting steps: The initial goal, before you capture, is to see video playing in the preview window.

1. Capture source settings in Studio. Since you may have more than one capture device in your system (e.g. 1394 cards, TV tuners, web cams, etc.) you must be sure to select the correct capture source. In Studio go to Capture > Settings > Capture Source. There is a Video dropdown menu where you can select your video capture device.

If the option for your desired capture device is not listed then go to the Windows Device Manager. If the capture driver for your capture device is flagged or not listed, reload the capture driver as described below.

Pinnacle drivers: Use the CD to locate and install the Pinnacle drivers for the card you have installed.

Third party driver: Use the CD that came with the capture device or call the manufacturer (or visit their website) for the most current driver.

2. If you are capturing from an analog source, make sure the correct analog type is selected. In the Diskometer window (in Studio�s Capture mode), click the left tab to open the analog settings flyout. Select Composite or S-Video (whichever is appropriate).

If the correct item is already selected, select the other one, and then toggle back to the correct one after a few seconds; this can help reset the capture mode to properly detect the input signal.

3. If you are capturing from an analog source, check your cabling. The cabling should match the Composite and S-video setting you selected above. If possible, try a different cable, VCR and/or tape to see if the problem is duplicable.

4. Make sure the player heads are clean, and that the tape is in good condition. Make sure all physical connections are secure.

5. If you are capturing from an analog source, you will need to press play before capturing. There is no device control when using analog. If your player is not playing when you press the Capture button, you will get a Capture Error.

If you continue to get a Capture Error after trying the above steps please use the AmCap capture application. AmCap is a generic application used to test device compatibility. If you can�t capture with AmCap, then it is likely your capture card doesn�t have a proper driver for your version of Windows. A. Click on Start -> Programs -> Studio 8 -> Tools -> Am Capture B. In the AMCAP windows, click on the Devices pulldown menu and select your capture device. C. Then click on the Options pulldown menu and click on Preview and a video should not be seen in the AMCAP window if the video is cabled properly and the source (camcorder, VCR, etc.) is turned on. To capture, click on the Capture pulldown menu and select Start Capture. There may be some selections for setting up your capture card.

Note: For capture devices that have hardware MPEG encoders (e.g., MovieBox USB, PCTV Deluxe, MP20, and the TDK Indi device,) Amcap will not work.

If you find that you cannot capture with Studio and your capture card, you may try a workaround of capturing outside of Studio. Import the captured video into Studio for editing.


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