What is Spyware or Adware and can it keep my Pinnacle applications or hardware from working properly

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Generally you will want to keep background programs running on your computer to a minimum. This is more important when you are running high bandwidth, resource intensive, applications like video editing programs or large databases of music and video.

Spyware, also known as adware, are generally programs that advertising companies place on computers thru Internet web pages you look at. They report back on your browsing habits. Over time many of these little spyware programs can accumulate on your computer causing performance problems, interfering with product registrations, or even causing system crashes. If you are seeing new toolbars in your Internet browser, excessive popups, or your homepage has been switched, it is possible that your computer system is infected with internet spyware.

This spyware is continually "calling home", using your Internet connection and reporting statistical data to its programmers/owners.

There are various programs to seek out and eliminate Spyware such as





There are many other programs and information you can find on spyware by doing a Google search for spyware at www.google.com .

Note that none of these spyware detection programs are created by or endorsed by Pinnacle/Corel. The programs listed here Ad-aware, Spykiller are examples of the spyware disabling software available.

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