QuickTime MOV video files support with Studio

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In Studio 12.1 and higher, Studio will support importing and exporting many of the common QuickTime (.MOV) video formats. Not all.MOV files are the same; they can be MJPEG, Mpeg 4 and h.264 based. They can be created with a variety of audio and video codecs.

Section 1: Importing .MOV files

Below is a list of the video codecs with the accompanying audio codec used in Quicktime .MOV files that were tested and import into Studio 12.1 and higher.

Note: These video/audio codec combinations are paired together. It is not a "mix and match" system, meaning that the audio codec listed next to the video codec is for a single file type.


Video Codec + Audio Codec Import Combinations

H264MP4A (Aiptek)


How to identify the video and audio codec used in a Quicktime .MOV file

If you want to determine the audio or video codec used in a .MOV file, you can do this by first opening the file in QuickTime. Once the file is open go to Window > Show Movie Inspector in the QuickTime player window. This will bring up a small window that gives information about the file. In the Format section of this window it lists the audio and video codec used in the file. If you have problems importing a certain .MOV file, you can compare these codecs to the list of supported video and audio codec combinations listed above.


Section 2: Exporting .MOV files

Studio 12.1 and higher can also export .MOV files. It is a new option in the File Type pull-down window. There are 4 standard preset options and a Custom preset option. The available standard export presets are as follows:


  1. Full Screen (DV) -- Video Compression: DV - Audio Compression: PCM
  2. Full Screen (MJPEG) -- Video Compression: MJPEG - Audio Compression: PCM
  3. Medium -- Video Compression: MJPEG - Audio Compression: PCM
  4. Small -- Video Compression: MPEG-4 - Audio Compression: aLaw

The Custom preset option allows changes to the file resolution, frame rate, data rate etc. It also allows the selection of the following codec combinations.



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