Installing additional content after upgrading to Studio 15 Ultimate from the Studio 15 trial

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After upgrading to Studio 15 Ultimate from the Studio 15 trial you can now install additional free content that comes with your purchase. This content includes:

To begin, you must download the Bonus Content Installer. A link to this file has been sent to you in your confirmation email for your Studio 15 Ultimate purchase. Additionally, you can download the installer here:

To install the Studio Bonus Content (Which includes HFX Vol. 1, 2, 3 & Premium Pack Vol. 2) click on the “Studio Bonus Content” button shown above in the top red box.

To install The SureThing Labeler click on the “SureThing Labeler” button shown above in the bottom red box.

If you have additional content purchased with Studio 10, 11, or VideoSpin 1, you can click the “Transfer Content” icon shown in the green box to launch the Content Transfer Wizard. This is not needed for content purchased with Studio 12 and higher. For Additional assistance with this tool, please see the following FAQ:

How to use the Content Transfer Wizard

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