How to import Analog Video into Studio

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Analog import includes importing from any analog device through one of our capture devices (710-USB, 510, USB, DVC 100, DVC 170, etc).

In this example, we will use the 710-USB as the capture device. You can see that the 710-USB is connected and recognized by Studio since it is displayed in the "Import From" section. With the video playing, you can begin capture by pressing the Start Capture button in the lower-right.


Once the Start Capture button is selected, thumbnail images will appear on the bottom of the Importer window. These images represent the scenes that have been captured. At this point the Start Capture button changes to a Stop Capture button.


Once the Capture is complete, click the Stop Capture button. At this point the import process is done. You can close the Importer and return to the Edit mode. The video that was captured will be displayed in the Album.


There are additional setting changes that can be made for many of the sections in the importer with an analog capture device selected. To display the additional settings, click the > button next to the option. In the below image the red rectangle shows the settings button for the 710-USB capture device.


Once this button is selected, the following options become available:


Here are the settings for the Import To section. You can change the capture location here.


Here are the settings for the Presets option in the Mode section. You can choose the video format to be captured here as well as other advanced options like changing compression codecs.


Here are the settings for the Scene Detection option in the Mode section. This is very similar to past versions. The default is "automatic, based on content".


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