How to replace a lost Studio serial number

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If you lost or forgot your Studio Serial number, this FAQ should help you to recover it.

1) If you registered your product, it will be very easy for you to receive this serial number by email:
Go to :
Enter your email address and click on Send. All the serial numbers registered to this email address will be sent to you by email.

- If you registered your product with an email address, and if this email address is no longer valid (for instance you moved to a different Internet provider), you should first update your profile with the new address. After this update, you will be able to receive the serial number to your new email address.

Go to
On the right side, click on "Update profile"
Enter your previous email address and the password you received after your registration.
Click on Next.
Update your profile.

Go back to:
Enter your new email address and click on Send.

- You will receive the list of ALL your product serial numbers by email (sent to the same email address). Please do not answer to this email. It is automatically generated. No answer will be made.

2) If you did not register your product, we are sorry, but we cannot automatically generate you a new serial number.
Please submit a question to support (select "Serial Number" as Category) and attach a proof of purchase mentioning your product. We will then be happy to send you a new serial number.

No serial number will be sent without a valid proof of purchase.

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