Importing Video Files into Studio 12

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Note: For information regarding what types of files Studio 12 can import, see the section below titled: "What files can Studio 12 import?"

There are 3 ways to open a digital video file. In all 3 cases it is required to first go to the Edit mode. Once in Edit mode, select the icon that looks like a video camera:

After this is done, any of the three following methods will import a video file:

1. Select the file name on the dropdown list when the Video Scenes section is in Scenes mode
2. Double-click a file listed in the album when in Files mode.
3. Click the browse for file button  and use the Open dialog to locate a digital video file of any supported type on the hard drive.
More information in file import can be found in chapter 3 of the manual.

What files can Studio 12 import?

Studio 12.0 and higher can import the following video file formats with the allowable extensions for each format noted in parenthesis:


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