Can the audio capture volume be adjusted in Studio

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Adjusting the audio level during capture with Studio is hardware dependent in all versions of Studio (i.e. Studio SE, Studio QuickStart, the full version of Studio, etc). If your capture device supports audio adjustment, you can adjust audio during capture.

Many capture devices do support audio volume adjustments. Below is a list of devices (it is not exhaustive) that we know do not support it.

  1. DV (IEEE 1394 cards)
  2. Sony MicroMV
  3. Dazzle DVC 120
  4. Dazzle DVC 150 and 150B

If your device does not support adjusting the audio volume during capture, the workaround is to change the volume of the audio after capture. Capture the clips and when they are in the timeline, edit the audio volume then. Here is an excerpt from a Studio manual on how to adjust the audio volume.

"The audio levels and stereo positioning of individual clips can be adjusted either directly on the Timeline, or with the Volume and Balance tool. Each technique has it own advantages. Adjusting on the timeline gives you a good sense of time versus volume or balance, whereas the Volume and Balance tool facilitates mixing - separately adjusting the volume and stereo balance of the entire audio track."

In your Studio manual, look up "audio volume or "audio mixing" to read more on this topic. It may be helpful to read the entire chapter on how Studio handles audio in Edit mode to understand the power and useof the audio features.


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