Troubleshoot the download install of the Studio 12 downloadable version

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Below are troubleshooting steps if there are problems downloading the file.

I can't remember where I saved the downloaded file to. What can I do?

We recommend that you save the file to your desktop. If it is not on your desktop, then it may be saved elsewhere on your computer, depending on the folder you selected. You can use Window's Search feature to find the file. Click on Start, then click Search and look for the file that you downloaded from the list below.

Once you have located the file for the version that was purchased, double-click on it and the download will begin.

Here is a list of the files

FileDownloadable version purchased
Pinnacle_Studio_12_Setup.exefor Studio version 12 (Standard)
Studio_Plus_12_Setup.exefor Studio Plus version 12
StudioUltimatePart1of2.exe and

for Studio Ultimate version 12

My system crashed/locked up during the download, how to I resume it?

There is the original icon that was downloaded to your desktop (where we recommended it be downloaded). Locate that file for the version that was purchased and double-click it and the download will resume where it previously stopped.

The list of the files is show above.


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