High-Res image shows an exclamation mark in the timeline

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In Studio 14 it is possible that if a high-res still image is added to a project that an exclamation mark may be displayed in the preview window. This should only happen when working with large high-res images (approximately 8 megapixels or greater). If this does occur, there are a couple of simple steps that can be taken to resolve the issue:

  1. Disable full-resolution preview.
    Go to Setup - Video and audio preferences and uncheck "Enable full-resolution preview". Click OK.
  2. Make sure that Background Rendering is enabled and then wait for it to finish.
    Go to Setup - Video and audio preferences and make sure "Enable background rendering" is checked. Click OK. Then just wait for the background rendering to finish completely. You will know that it is complete where there is the green bar above the image is gone from the timeline.

Either one of these steps should remove the exclamation mark and properly display the image in the timeline.


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