Some 3rd party plugins from previous Studio content discs cannot be activated in Studio 14

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If you have some locked plugins that were installed from a previous version of Studio's content disc, you may not be able to purchase that content for use in Studio 14 even though you can see the locked content.  If you already purchased these plugins for a previous version of Studio, you can still use them in Studio 14; it is just not possible to purchase some of the 3rd party plugins from within Studio 14.  Here is the list of 3rd party plugin categories provided in previous version content discs that cannot be purchased in Studio 14.

Video Plugins

  • Bravo Studio Pack 1
  • Bravo Studio Pack 2
  • Bravo Studio Pack 3
  • BWPlugins
  • BWPlugins 2
  • BWPlugins 3
  • Dziedzic's Effects Pack 1
  • Dziedzic's Effects Pack 2
  • PE CameraPOV
  • StageTools
  • Vance Effects

Audio Plugins

  • Algorithmix
  • ComboVox

The following 3rd party plugins can still be purchased for use in Studio 14.

Video Plugins

  • Adorage Transitions for Studio
  • Adorage Video Fx Edition1 for Studio
  • Heroglyph V 2.6 for Studio
  • NewBlue Art Effects
  • NewBlue Color Balance
  • NewBlue Color Cycle
  • NewBlue Lake
  • NewBlue Time Effects
  • NewBlue Video Collection
  • NewBlue Wiggle
  • proDAD Mercalli
  • proDAD Vitascene

Audio Plugins

  • NewBlue Audio Bonus Pack
  • NewBlue Audio Enhancement 1
  • NewBlue Audio Essentials 1
  • NewBlue Audio Essentials 2
  • NewBlue Audio Essentials 3
  • NewBlue Audio Essentials 4
  • NewBlue Audio Essentials Collection


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