Can you copy & paste plugin effects

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Studio 14 or 15 allows you to copy effects added to one clip and paste them in another clip. This can be beneficial if you decide that you want to add the same effect with the same settings to an additional clip. For example the image below shows a clip in the timeline with 3 video effects added to it. In this example the effects from left to right happen to be:

  1. Noise Reduction
  2. Mosaic
  3. Old Film Advanced

When the second effect (Mosaic) is right-clicked, the following options appear among the options that are displayed. You can copy just the specific effect, or all effects applied to the clip.

If no specific effect is right-clicked and instead just the thumbnail is right-clicked, you can copy all of the effects, but not any single specific effect.

Once an effect is copied, you can then right-click on the desired clip and Paste the effect(s) to that clip.


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