Does Studio work with Windows WMV files?

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Yes Studio 11 and higher can import and export WMV files.

Studio 12 and higher creates Windows Media Video 9 Files. For more info on Windows Media Video 9 (WMV 9)

From the preset list you can see Studio can make both interlaced and non interlaced WMV files.

All of the Standard Def presets are non-interlaced.

The Hi Def presets (those that start with HDV or HD) are interlaced if they have a lower case "i" in the preset, examples of interlaced presets are "HD 1080/60i 1920x1080", "HDV 1080/60i 1440x1080", etc. The other Hi Def presets are progressive (non-interlaced) and they have a lower case "p" in the title of the preset.


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