Larger than expected duration estimate with a menu at the end of a project

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In some cases Studio will report a larger than expected estimate for the “Used” value when the menu is placed at the end of the project rather than at the beginning. Specifically it has been identified that having a Return to Menu marker placed prior to the menu will caused the increased duration estimate.

If the project is short enough this estimate can be ignored, the disc should still be created properly. If the estimate causes the Used value to be greater than the available space on the disc, corrective actions must be taken. The following are possible options to resolve the problem.

  1. Make sure that the Video quality / disc usage option in the Make Disc settings is set to Automatic quality rather than Best Quality (or Custom with a high bit rate set). This will allow for maximum space on the disc.
  2. Remove the Return to Menu marker that was placed before the menu.
  3. Move the Menu to the beginning of the project.


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