Can the Studio software open AVI files not made by the Studio software

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The studio software should be able to open any AVI which has the proper codec installed on the same system. To import an AVI, click the small file folder icon to the right of the video file pull-down window in the Album. Browse for the desired file in the window that appears. Once the file is located, select it and click Open. The file should now import into Studio's album.

The Studio software should work with any standard AVI codec installed on the system. Some codecs* will work better than others, and it is possible for a codec to be incompatible. If an AVI file will not open with another application, for example the windows media player, it will most likely not work with the Studio software either.

If you get an error opening an AVI file, Error Opening Video File, it most likely is not compatible with Studio. One example of incompatible video would be type 1 DV AVI files. Studio will work with type-2 DV AVI files. Windows Movie Maker 2 is an example of a program that creates type 1 DV AVI files. If you do have a type 1 AVI, you will have to convert it to type 2 before importing it into Studio.

For more information on type 1 and type 2 DV AVI files please refer to the following links:

1. Pinnacle FAQ on type 1 and type 2 DV AVI files

2. Article from Microsoft regarding type 1 and type 2 DV AVI files

3. 3rd party program that converts type 1 DV AVI files to type 2 DV AVI

* A description of video codecs is beyond the scope of this article. Pinnacle support recommends performing an internet search for multimedia or video codecs or any variation thereof. There is also a Pinnacle support article available describing Video Compression and Basic Codec Information which would be worth reading.


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