How much video can fit onto a DVD

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This information is for both Single and Double layer DVD's

Studio can create DVD's with over 2 hours of video on a single layer disc and twice that for a double layer disc. How much video can fit on the DVD is controlled by the DVD setting. To view and change these settings, click on the Setup pull-down menu, then select Make Disc.

There are 4 Video Quality/Disc Usage settings. The numbers below are for single layer DVD's so for double layer DVD's, double the time.

Automatic: over 2 hours
Best Video Quality: 59 minutes
Most video on disc: over 2 hours
Custom: over 2 hours

As you choose any of these options, an estimate is provided of the amount of video the DVD can accommodate at that setting.

The first option, Automatic, is the one that most customers should use. When there is less than 60 minutes in a project, this option is a fixed bit rate. The estimate will be 59 minutes. Once the project exceeds 60 minutes the bit rate is adjusted downward to fit more video on the disc and the estimated time matches the project length. The Automatic option can accommodate over 2 hours of video on the DVD.

The next two options, Best Video Quality and Most Video on Disc, are presets that correspond to particular data rates.

The custom option lets you set the data rate to another value.

There is a help button on the Make Disc Setting page that explains all of the options for Make Disc.

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