AVCHD camcorder issues and Studio

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This FAQ discusses how to import the video into Studio from AVCHD camcorders, which may use a hard drive, disc or flash memory to store the video. Plug the camcorder into the computer via the USB port and then follow the steps below.

Section 1: If you are using an AVCHD camcorder with Windows Vista or Windows 7, please skip to section 2, otherwise if you have an AVCHD camcorder and are using Windows XP, continue with this section.

Windows XP cannot natively read AVCHD files that are stored in the Universal Disk Format (UDF) 2.50 defect management system, which is the file system for most AVCHD camcorders. When you view the camcorder contents by using Studio or Windows Explorer, you see an empty root folder and no .MTS files. To be able to access these AVCHD files in XP, you have to install an UDF 2 driver. For more details how to do this, please read the Microsoft Knowledge Base article at:


Once you have installed the UDF 2 driver continue on to section 2.

Section 2: If you have either Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP with the UDF driver installed (see section 1 above if you havent installed the UDF 2 driver for XP), you can now import the AVCHD footage into Studio using the Media Import feature. To import video files from any disc, disk or flash memory camcorder, including AVCHD camcorders use the Media Import feature.

To import the files from your AVCHD camcorder, click here to view the FAQ titled: How to import media from a device in Studio

NOTE: Do not try to use the capture feature in Studio since this is only for analog, DV, etc camcorders that are tape based.

Section 3: If you cant import AVCHD video into studio, you can do the following things

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Studio (click here to view the FAQs on how to do that). Then try to import the files again.
  2. As a workaround, you can manually copy the files to your computers hard drive and import the video files by using these steps
  3. Open Windows explorer and browse to the Hard Drive that is in the camcorder.
  4. Create a folder on your computers Hard Drive (say the desktop or where you store your other videos)
  5. Manually copy the video files from the HD of his camcorder to the folder in step 2.
  6. Import the videos that were just copied using EDIT mode - can you expand on this?


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