Missing Smart Sound content when restoring an archived project

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When restoring an archived project containing Smart Sound content that was purchased externally from the web, the Smart Sound tracks in the restored project may be missing depending on the SmartSound installation and activation status on the system. There are four difference possibilities:

1. SmartSound and all songs that are present in the archived project are installed.

In this case everything should work normally. When chosen for playback, a “Rendering for playback” dialogue appears for each of the “SmartSound” songs, after which the playback is performed without any problems. This should be the most common scenario.

2. SmartSound is installed on the PC, but doesn’t have some songs that are present in the archived project.

In this case when the project is chosen for playback “Rendering for playback” dialogue appears for each of the “SmartSound” songs and an error message appears several times saying that the song could not be adjusted for the new duration. After that all the songs that are present in “SmartSound” are played back without any problems and those that are absent in it are played back silently (and have no waveform present).

Resolution: Reinstall the missing songs to re-enable proper playback in the Timeline.


3. SmartSound is not installed on the computer.

In this case the restored project shows SmartSound songs on Timeline, but ignores them: no rendering for them is made, no SmartSound audio is played and no waveform for the SmartSound tracks is absent.

Resolution: Reinstall SmartSound and all missing songs.


4. SmartSound is installed, but not yet activated.

After the project is restored and chosen for playback, a “Rendering for playback” dialogue appears and “SonicFire Pro” launches showing the activation window.

Resolution: Activate the SmartSound plugin. Close Studio and SonicFire Pro. Re-open Studio. The tracks should now play back normally.


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