How to remove content from the Library

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If you do not want to have content displayed in the Library any longer, you can remove it.

Removing files or groups of files

To remove individual items or a group of items, select the content to be removed and then either press the Delete key on the keyboard or right-click on the content and then select “Delete selected”. Once this is done, you will be prompted with the following window:

Remove 01.jpg

The default is to remove the content from the Library only. Click OK and you may be presented with the following dialog.

Remove 02.jpg

If the file is in a Watch Folder, it will only come back into the Library later. So the solution is to either remove the file from the disk or change file locations.

There also an option to remove the content completely from the hard drive. Make sure that you are certain you want to completely remove it if you choose that option. If you choose to actually delete the media from the hard drive you are presented with this verification message:

Remove 03.jpg

Removing Folders from the Library

In order to remove entire folders from the Library, you can just delete all of the contents within that folder.

If the folder you want to remove is set as a Watch Folder, you can remove the Watch Folder and in the same process remove the content from the Library. To do this go to Setup > Control Panel. In the Watch Folder section of Control Panel select the desired folder and then select the “Remove Folder” button. Then Click “Apply Changes”. You will then be prompted with this window:

Remove 04.jpg

Choosing ‘Yes’ on this window will remove the content from the Library, but not delete the media from your hard drive. Choosing ‘No’ will keep the folder contents in the Library and only disable the folder as a watch folder.

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