Studio burn problems

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Use this FAQ to troubleshoot any problems where Studio is failing during the process of burning the DVD.

Specific Errors:

The following are a couple of FAQs which provide troubleshooting for specific error messages:

Click Here for an FAQ detailing troubleshooting if the one of the following errors is displayed when attempting to burn a disc:

"Burning Failed. Please make sure to use a empty erasable disk" or "Burning Failed. Please try again."

Click Here for an FAQ detailing troubleshooting if the following error is displayed when attempting to burn a disc:

"Direct-to-Disc Failure, Please try again"

General Troubleshooting steps:


If you have Studio version 15, there is no update at this time.

If you have Studio version 14, there is no update at this time.
If you have Studio version 12, download the latest version here.

How to download and install a patch:

2.CREATE DISC CONTENT FIRST: Create the disc content first and then burn the disc as a separate step. To begin, select the "Create disc content but don't burn" in the Make Disc settings. If this process completes, it is a burn problem and not a render problem. Once the disc image is created, in a second step select "Burn from previously created disc content" in the Make Disc option. Studio will prompt you to browse to the disc image folder that you already created and begin to burn. If it still fails, continue to Step 5.

3.RESTART THE COMPUTER: Try opening the door of the DVD burner. If it won't open, then shut down Studio, then restart the computer. Launch Studio and try to create the DVD again using the safe mode setting.


o BLANK MEDIA IN THE DRIVE: Make sure that there blank, write-once media or rewriteable media in the DVD burner.

o TYPE OF DVD: Make sure that your DVD burner supports the media you use. As for any problem with burning a DVD, we recommend customer use rewriteable media to reduce the number of wasted DVDs when they have to troubleshoot a failure while burning DVDs. In this case, if you have only used rewriteable media, (RW) we would also recommend trying to use a write once (-/+ R) DVD and erasing the RW media.

o BRAND OF DVD: Pinnacle recommends using a name brand of DVD, i.e. Sony, Apple, Memorex, etc. We recommend trying a DVD from a different manufacturer to see if the problem is related to the brand of DVD that is being used.

NOTE: Check with the following site to find information on the media being used.

5.LOWER THE WRITE SPEED: In the Make Disc settings try lowering the Write Speed to the lowest possible setting.

6.GET THE LATEST FIRMWARE: Ensure that the DVD burner being used has the latest firmware update from the burner manufacturer.

7.CHECK DISC SPEED: Make sure that the disc media speed (printed on the media or on the media box) is compatible with the DVD burner. Some burners may not work with media that has a higher maximum supported burn speed. For example, if the burner being used supports 4x disc media, do not use 16x disc media.

8.DELETE AUXILIARY FILES: Try deleting the Auxiliary Files for the current project. To do this, go to File -> Delete Auxiliary Files and select "Delete auxiliary files for current project." Press OK and try to re-render and burn the project.

9.ALWAYS RE-ENCODE: Go to the Make Disc settings and check the box called "Always re-encode entire movie".

10.CREATE A DISC IMAGE: In Studio, click on Setup -> Make Disc. Under the box marked Burn Options, select "Create disc content but don't burn" by clicking on the radio button in front of the setting and then click OK. Then click the Create disc button in the Make Movie section to begin the image creation process.

If the image is not created, it is likely that the problem is a Render problem rather than a burn problem.Click Here to see the FAQ on Render problems.

If the disc image file is created successfully, burn the disc from the new disc image by selecting "Burn from previously created disc content" in Burn Options.

NOTE: When troubleshooting all burn or playback issues, it is recommended to use rewritable media to avoid wasting discs.


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