Pinnacle Studio 23: NewBlue Effects shows Watermark

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NewBlue Effects will be displayed with a watermark in Pinnacle Studio 23

 To resolve the issue, please follow the steps below.

 If problem persists, do a clean re-installation of Pinnacle Studio 23 as steps below.

         C:\Program Files\
         C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\

NOTE: If you cannot browse above location, you need to enable the option to Show hidden files and folders. You can show hidden files and folders by going to Control Panel >Appearance > Folder Options then View tab.

 After this, download and run this tool:

# Choose All products and click on ‘clean’ button

# Run again and choose User Registration and activation data and click on ‘clean’ button.

NOTE: Running above tool removes all entries related to Pinnacle product from Windows registry. Make sure you have uninstalled all versions of Pinnacle Studio before running this tool.

Now temporarily disable the virus protection software then re-install Pinnacle Studio 23 using the stub given in link below:

NOTE: It is important to remove existing Pinnacle Studio 23 install folder(PinnacleStudio23) from Desktop(If default install folder location has not been changed)

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