Pinnacle Studio: After Microsoft Update KB5001330 is applied, files with 5.1 audio will freeze during playback

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Pinnacle Studio's 5.1 audio handling was affected by Microsoft KB5001330, causing Pinnacle Studio to fail playback, and become unstable. 

After the below solution is applied, when Pinnacle Studio detects the PC cannot support 5.1, it will down-mix the content for editing as 2-channel audio.


To fix the issue in Pinnacle Studio 24:

Download and install this patch:


To fix the issue in Pinnacle Studio 23:

Download this hotfix:

  - Unzip the download, and replace the enclosed file "ac3decoder.dll" in location below

C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 23\programs\Avid.CDC2\

NOTE: You can make a backup copy of existing "ac3decoder.dll" file by renaming it to ac3decoder.dll.old

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