Capture error message - A valid Input Signal has not been detected or No Input Signal

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The full error reads: "A valid Input Signal has not been detected. Please check your cables" or “No input signal”

This is an analog capture message. The purpose of the message is to alert customers that the video signal is not detected so capturing cannot proceed.

1. For Studio 12 and Older version - If you are using Studio 14/15, skip this step.

- Capture source settings: In Studio, click on Setup -> Capture Source.

- Video Input setting in Studio: The video input on the slide out panel on the diskometer has to be set correctly for the cable/connectors used in Step 3 below, either composite for S-Video. If it is set correctly, toggle between them.

2. Cabling: The video source (camcorder, VCR) "video out" connector has to be connected to the capture device's "Video In" connector using either a composite (RCA) or S-Video cable.

Camcorder’s Video out >------ Composite Cable -------< Capture device’s Video In

3. Video Source needs to be playing video: Turn on your camcorder or VCR and press play. Make sure you aren't at the end of the tape. On many camcorders and VCRs, having it paused or stopped, will cause this error. You must have the camcorder or VCR playing video before pressing the Start Capture button.

4. Preview Window: If steps 1 - 3 have been done correctly, then there should be video playing in the preview window. The goal is to get video playing in the preview window before attempting to capture, otherwise you are likely to get the error.

If there is video in the preview window, then try to capture, otherwise continue with the next step.

5. Make sure the video source is playing and then in Studio, click on the Edit tab and then back to the Capture/Import tab. See if capturing now works. We have gotten feedback that this works for some customers.

6. Other USB devices: If your capture device is connect to the computer using USB, then

7. Shut down Studio and re-install the capture driver. If the capture device is not a Pinnacle device, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

If the capture device is Pinnacle/Dazzle hardware such as the 500 USB or 700 USB or Dazzle DVC 100, reinstall the drivers with the following steps

  1. Shut down Studio
  2. Go to Device Manager. Start -> Control Panel -> System. Click on the Hardware tab, then the Device Manager button. Under Sound, Video and Game controllers, find the capture device and click on it to highlight it. Click on the uninstall icon.
  3. Disconnect the 500 USB or 700 USB or Dazzle DVC 100
  4. Download driver from from Pinnacle hardware drivers download page and run the driver file that was downloaded and follow the on-screen prompts. If the hardware is installed successfully it should be listed under Sound, Video and Game controllers without any exclamation marks.


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