Do I have the right to use the music created with Scorefitter in Studio in my movie and can I broadcast the music

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Yes. Scorefitter is proprietary technology of Pinnacle Systems, Inc. Pinnacle Systems has granted end users the right to use Scorefitter pursuant to the Studio End User License Agreement.


Here is the section of the EULA which is applicable to using Scorefitter audio:


LIMITED RIGHTS TO MEDIA ELEMENTS. The software may include certain pictures, animations, sounds, music and video clips for your reuse. You may create your own works based upon these media elements, and copy, modify, distribute, display, and perform your derivative works provided that:


2.1. you indemnify, defend, and hold Pinnacle harmless from and against any claims or liabilities arising from your use of the media elements;

2.2. you include a valid copyright notice on your derivative works.

You may not sell, license or distribute the media elements by themselves or as part of any collection, product or service whose value is derived solely or primarily from the media elements themselves.


Click here to view the complete EULA


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