Does Pinnacle Studio 16 work with Nvidia 3D Vision

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Does Pinnacle Studio 16 work with Nvidia 3D Vision?

Yes, Pinnacle Studio 16 allows you to use integrated 3D display via NVIDIA 3D Vision and NVIDIA 3D TV Play. Please verify on the following web sites, if your system is compatible with 3D Vision.

3D Vision:
3D Vision Pro:
3DTV Play:

Please note that when using 3DTV play you need to manually switch your screen settings to a 3D mode – in case of 3D Vision, Studio will trigger the change automatically when you select the appropriate display modes.

In the event of display issues with 3D display, please check whether or not you run latest NVIDIA driver. Driver version 301.42 or newer is required. Run the NVIDIA 3D setup wizard which you can find in the NVIDIA control panel.

Additionally please check whether you can properly run NVIDIA’s photo viewer (part of 3D Vision installation) with Preview in Window activated.


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