Thumbnail Details and Scenes views in the Library

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There are two main ways to view the Library:


1. Thumbnail View

2. Details View


Additionally, Scenes View can be enabled for both Thumbnail and Details view.

In the image below, the left button is Scenes View, the middle button is Thumbnail View, and the right button is Details View. These buttons are in the bottom-right in the main Library and the bottom-left in the Compact Library.

The default view of the Library is the Thumbnail view.



When Details View is selected, content is then displayed in the Library in a list format with additional details about the file(s).



In either of these modes you can enable Scenes View which shows a separate clip for each scene associated with the media. This option really only applies for video files. In image below each scene is indicated with its own thumbnail. The same scenes could be viewed in Details View as well.



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