Burn Error: DVD Menu is incorrect. Please create chapters and link all menus

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This article applies to Pinnacle Studio 16 & Avid Studio.

In some cases the error “DVD Menu is incorrect. Please create chapters and link all menus” may occur when you are in the Disc Editor and you click the Export button.

If this occurs, there can be two causes:

1. No chapters are set.

2. Menus are added that are not reachable

If you have not yet set any chapters, please do so before attempting to Export.

If chapters are set, but you have unreachable menus, need to fix those menus by linking to them. Unreachable menus will have a red broken chain link icon on them. See Menus 2 and 3 below.

In order to resolve this problem you need to have a menu button linking to the unreachable menu page group. You can use the following procedure to fix the problem:

1. Select the menu that is supposed to point to the unreachable menu.

2. Select the button that needs to link to the unreachable menu

3. Click the down arrow. This will present the available menus that you can link to.

4. Link to one of the unreachable menus.

Once this link is made, Export should proceed normally.


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