What capture hardware will work with Pinnacle Studio

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See the following list for supported hardware that will work with all versions of the Pinnacle Studio product line:

USB based:

Click the following link to go to the Pinnacle hardware driver download page. If no driver is listed for the desired hardware in a certain column, the hardware is not supported under that operating system.

Pinnacle hardware drivers download page

Unsupported hardware





DVC-130 (There are no 64-bit drivers for this product.)

DVC-170 (There are no 64-bit drivers for this product.)


DC10 Plus

MovieBox DV

MovieBox Deluxe

Dazzle DVC 80, 85


MP 10


Dazzle DVC-150

MovieBox USB

MP 20

DVC 150

DSC 200

PCI based:

Important note: MovieBoard 500-PCI/700PCI has an issue on Windows 64-bit systems when the computer has 2GB or more system RAM. In this case, Studio will crash during capture. For this reason, other capture devices are recommended on most Windows 64-bit systems.

NOTE: We have no plans to support these Legacy products.

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