Error - No disc writer device available in Studio when using Windows XP with a non admin account

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This FAQ only applies to Windows XP customers who are using Studio in a non-administrator account. This means you are using a Guest, Limited User, or Power User account. If you are using any type of user account on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, or if you are using Windows XP with an Administrator account, this FAQ does not apply to you.

If possible, it is desirable to use Studio while logged into an Administrator account. If this is not possible, we have a tool called BRTool that will change the access rights for disc burning in a non-administrator environment.

Click here to download BRTool

Make sure that you download the file to a location that you can easily locate again. Once downloaded, unzip to locate BRTool.exe. The following procedure should resolve the problem:

  1. Close Studio (If it is running) .
  2. Launch BRTool.exe.
  3. Select the second option: "All members of the group AVID$DISCBURN.
  4. Click Apply Settings.
  5. Launch Studio and verify that the problem is resolved.

The new setting is only valid for the currently installed devices. If you add a new device, you have to run the tool again.


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